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We offer a comprehensive hurricane claims assessment which includes a deep-dive of your policy coverage and a detailed inspection of all damages, whether apparent or not. Extreme weather does not always need to cause extreme stress. With our help, we will help itemize all damages congruent with water intrusion, flood, and wind damage to ensure that you are maximizing your policy coverage and receiving proper compensation for your damages.


The most pervasive form of water intrusion falls within the realm of plumbing leaks and breaks. Because of the nature of plumbing being underground and behind walls, water damages can often be unapparent and overlooked by homeowners and even many adjusters. To mitigate this risk, Monarch Claims has specific training to accurately detect all covered damages including:

Swelling                         Peeling 

Water Stains          Buckling/Tentin 


Monarch Claims puts your interests and safety first. A fire can compromise the internal building structure, leaving you and your family at risk. By completing an immediate and thorough evaluation, we can appropriately account for all damages, including those that may be inapparent or hidden. Precision is key in ensuring a safe environment for you and your family. Because fire damage is one of the most destructive types of claims, we thoroughly check for:

Structural Damage                   

Electrical Circuitry

Air Conditioning System

Walls, Ceiling & Roof

And More


Rental and commercial properties are more frequently vandalized and maltreated, from graffiti to renters housing marijuana-growth operations, some damage can be more apparent than others.

​We will thoroughly review your policy for all coverage exclusions and limitations to ensure that your claim is properly reported, deadlines are properly complied with and your recovery potential is maximized. Monarch Claims will prepare an estimate of your damages including:

Underlying Damages                         Physical Damage

Loss of Rental Income                                   And More…


Monarch Claims can alleviate your burden by performing a thorough policy review and preparing a detailed inventory of the items stolen. inspection and perform policy analysis. Coverage exclusions and limitations can be convoluted in cases of theft and may involve in-depth research into the present-market value of stolen items and values of items that are no longer sold or ascertainable. This includes the possibility of retaining expert appraisers.

We will review not only your homeowner’s policy but your personal articles policy and any other applicable insurance policy so that your coverage is maximized and your claim is expedited.


Mold is often the result of water damage which provides the opportunity to expand the reach of your policy. Claiming damage for both water and mold maximizes the potential for a promising payout. Insurance carriers maintain the benefit of understanding the barriers of mold coverage within your policy. Monarch Claims has individuals whom hold a mold assessor and remediator license and can advise you on exactly what repairs will be necessary.


Hail Damage can significantly impact the integrity of your roof, potentially leading to leaks and other issues. When hail strikes your roof, it can cause various types of damage, including cracks, fractures, granule loss, bruising, punctures and loosening of flashing and seals. Over time, this can result in leaks, water damage to the interior of your home, mold growth and even structural issues if left unaddressed. Therefore, it is crucial to have a professional inspect your roof for hail damage after a storm. Monarch Claims’ experienced adjusters are ready to offer you a free inspection of your home.


After a winter storm, frozen pipes pose a significant risk of bursting, leading to water damage that can be challenging to detect behind walls or cabinetry. When water freezes inside pipes, it expands, exerting pressure on the pipe walls. This pressure can exceed the pipe’s capacity, causing it to rupture once the ice thaws or further freezing occurs. Because many pipes are located within walls, ceiling, or beneath cabinetry, the water damage may not be immediately visible. Over time, hidden leaks can saturate building materials, fostering mold growth, compromising structural integrity, and lead to costly repairs. A thorough inspection by one of our experienced adjusters combined with advanced moisture detection tools, will help you quickly locate and mitigate potential water damage.


Floods resulting from storms and rising water levels pose a threat of water damage to your home. During a flood, excess water can infiltrate buildings through various entry points, including doors, windows, foundation cracks and sewer systems. This water intrusion can lead to extensive damage like structural damage, electrical hazards, mold and mildew growth, floodwater contamination and damage to your contents and personal belongings. Let Monarch Claims help you navigate the insurance claims process more effectively, maximize your settlement, and alleviate some of the stress associated with recovering from a flood.



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